Welcome to
The world of TEILOR
A universe where diamonds and precious stones became our signature. Discover the story that has inspired us for more than two decades.
The story
The beginnings
The name of the brand was inspired by the street where our first store opened in 1998 – it was the place where gold jewellery started writing our story. The founders’ entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration led to a bold present: over 65 stores in five European countries.
Perfected by you
Our mission is to show people that confidence is a natural choice, to inspire and motivate them to become their best version. Authenticity, courage and curiosity define us and we pass these values on to everyone who shares our passion for jewellery, through every TEILOR experience.
The standard of trust
De Beers Diamond Institute
A proof of authenticity that is beyond dispute was brought into the TEILOR engagement rings collection – through diamonds graded by De Beers Institute of Diamonds. With over 130 years of expertise, the institute is a world leader in the industry, for diamond grading based on the 4Cs.
Word from founder
"TEILOR is the story of a team of 500 people from five different countries. Bold, visionary, ambitious people, who know that a dream needs a solid foundation.
I believe in extreme courage, in making decisions, in intuition and a native ability to readjust. TEILOR is family, it’s a part of who I am. It’s the most beautiful and intense challenge I have started 25 years ago.”
Our journey