Suitable materials for anklets include flexible and wear-resistant materials such as leather, metal or silicone, as well as precious metals such as gold for a stylish touch.
Yes, anklets can be worn when swimming or at the beach, but you should choose a material that is waterproof and won't deteriorate through exposure to salt or chlorine.
The most popular designs of footbands are leather, pearl or gemstone, symbol or inscription bracelets and metal or silicon bracelets.

Ankle Bracelet - A Unique Accessory

Ankle bracelets, often worn during the summer or on vacations, are jewellery that are extremely attractive yet relatively less known today. Worn around the ankle, they delicately highlight your style, conveying a sense of romance and elegance. Among the most appreciated models are those with cords and white gold ones with charms.

Tips for Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Being among the jewellery for women that capture everyone's attention, it is recommended to wear ankle bracelets in specific contexts and outfits. Firstly, they should not be layered over any clothing and are suitable to be worn directly on the skin. Additionally, depending on your outfit (casual or elegant), you can choose to pair them with a simple gold bracelet, charm bracelets, or even ones with diamonds.

How to Care for Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets do not require special care compared to other jewellery. They should be regularly cleaned with lukewarm water, a soft cloth, and gentle detergent. They should also be protected from corrosive substances such as saltwater and chlorine, which can affect their shine over time.