Warranty period

The warranty for our gold manufactured jewellery is available for 2 years from the day of purchase. This Warranty covers the lack of conformity of the jewellery with each of the characteristics stated on the Certificate at the time of sale and does not cover damage to the product that occurs after the date of sale. Authenticity & specifications of both the precious material – 14k gold (585‰) / 18k gold (750‰) & precious stones set into the purchased jewellery are guaranteed for life.

The client has the possibility to exchange the purchased product only once within 30 days from its purchase. This process is only possible by presenting the product’s receipt or invoice (if the product was bought online) and only if the product is returned unused with no signs of wear nor damage.

Consumer’s rights are in accordance with  OUG nr. 140/2021. The consumer’s rights are not affected by the warranty’s conditions.

TEILOR jewellery are marked in conformity with the current legislation, under the guidance and control of the Romanian National Authority for Consumer’s Protection – Precious metals department.

The warranty does not cover damages of the jewellery occurred due to failure to comply with the indications stated in the Warranty Certificate, accidents, negligence, improper use or other factors that cannot be connected to a material or manufacturing issue.


In order to keep your TEILOR jewellery as long as possible we recommend:

• Please wear your precious stones jewellery with care, those products are not designed to withstand mechanical shocks.

• We advise storing your TEILOR jewellery into its original package or other dedicated jewellery box.

• Do not wear your TEILOR jewellery during household chores or any other labor that may contain sulfur.

• We advise not to wear your TEILOR jewellery during physical activities.

• Please avoid any contact with chemical substances while wearing your TEILOR jewellery in order to avoid the risk of metal corrosion of the product.

• Please be informed that long exposure of the precious metal to agents like salty water, perfume, moisturizer, hair spray, chlorine ore sulfur may affect its glow.

Depending on the wear frequency, we recommend that your TEILOR jewellery to be cleaned and examined by a specialized jeweler at least once a year.

The present warranty assures all the consumer’s rights, in conformity with both the OUG nr. 140/2021 law, regarding sales of products and their warranty, and OG nr. 21/1992 regarding the protection of the consumers.