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    Platinum is a rare, precious and valuable metal known for its high strength and distinctive appearance. Platinum jewellery has a distinctive natural lustre and elegant appearance. They have a silvery-white colour and a silky finish that gives them a sophisticated and refined charm.
    Both white gold and platinum are precious metals used for jewellery, but there are some important differences between them. White gold is actually an alloy of gold mixed with other metals such as silver, copper and nickel to give it a white colour. White gold is softer and lighter than platinum and is more prone to scratches and loss of lustre. Platinum, on the other hand, is a rarer and harder metal than gold. It is harder and more resistant to scratches than white gold and has a brighter natural lustre. Platinum is also more resistant to fading and loss of lustre over time. In summary, both white gold and platinum are good choices for jewellery, but platinum is generally considered more durable and resistant than white gold.
    One of the most popular platinum jewellery is the engagement ring. Platinum engagement rings are prized for their beauty, durability and symbolism. Platinum is considered the ideal choice to accompany a gemstone, such as a diamond, as they complement each other, resulting in an elegant and timeless look.
    To care for platinum jewellery, it is recommended to clean it regularly by washing it with warm water and mild soap and then wiping it with a soft cloth. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and store jewellery separately to prevent scratches or damage.