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Men's bracelets have become increasingly popular in recent years as an accessory to express their personality and style. There are a variety of designs, patterns and materials available: men's bracelets in precious metals, leather or stainless steel bracelets suit any style or occasion.
To determine the correct size of a bracelet, measure the circumference of your wrist using a flexible ruler or paper tape, then add between 1.5 and 2.5 cm, depending on how wide or narrow you want the bracelet to be. Be sure to check the size guide provided by the manufacturer or store to choose the appropriate size based on this measurement.
One of the easiest options is to pair it with a watch of the same colour or material for a coordinated and stylish look. You can also add other jewellery, such as a ring or chain, to create an interesting mix of textures and shapes. For a minimalist style, you can choose to wear just one bracelet or combine it with several thin bracelets.
The main differences between men's and women's gold bracelets are generally related to size, style and design. Men's bracelets tend to be sturdier, wider and have a simpler or more masculine design, while women's bracelets are often thinner, more delicate and may have more intricate details and designs.
Magnetic clasps and clasp closures are the most popular for men's bracelets.
Men's bracelets are suitable for most ages and styles, but it's important to consider the wearer's preferences and personality. Choose designs and materials that suit that person's tastes and lifestyle to ensure the bracelet will be appreciated and worn with pleasure.
Regular cleaning of the bracelet with a lightly moistened sponge and neutral soap is among the most effective ways to clean it. It is important to avoid using chemicals or abrasive solutions as they can damage or stain the gold. After cleaning, rinse the bracelet and dry it with a soft towel.

Bracelets for Men: A Versatile Accessory

In recent years, 14K or 18K gold bracelets for men, as well as those made of other precious metals like titanium or silver, have become increasingly popular, being some of the most sought-after and worn men's jewellery. Preferred for their wide range of designs and colors, as well as for the ease with which they can be worn and integrated into any outfit, these bracelets uniquely highlight the personality traits of the wearer. The models of white, yellow, rose, or even black gold bracelets from TEILOR are extremely versatile and attractive. Discover the collections in TEILOR stores and online, and find the models that suit you.

Tips for Wearing Men's Bracelets

Depending on the outfit you're wearing, choose bracelets in either complementary or strongly contrasting colors. Regardless of this detail, it is recommended to ensure that you wear them all on the same wrist to avoid a symmetrical look, which can easily go unnoticed. If you choose to wear a single bracelet, it's preferable to place it next to your watch, so that the two accessories complement each other. In addition to bracelets, TEILOR's collections of men's jewellery also include items such as men's chains, men's rings, or cufflinks. Explore among these the ideal gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Discover the models online or in stores with the assistance of our consultants to choose the most suitable jewellery.