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Brooches have a variety of meanings, and these depend on the design, material and context in which they are worn. Some brooches have a purely decorative purpose, others are worn as a symbol of belonging to a particular organisation or group, and others as a symbol of a tradition or culture.
The brooch can be worn on any part of the coat: on the left or right side of the collar, on the shoulder, chest or sleeve. It's important to find a coherence with the outfit and avoid integrating the brooch into a combination of accessories that can look cluttered.
Brooches are made from a variety of materials such as gold, silver, gemstones, pearls, crystals, glass or textiles. The most suitable materials for brooches depend on your preferences and the purpose for which they are worn.
The most common gemstones used in brooch design are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. However, semi-precious stones such as amethysts, topazes and tourmalines are also often incorporated into brooches for their variety of colours and shapes.
To wear a gemstone brooch with other jewellery and accessories, consider the colour, style and size of the gems. Make sure the brooch and other jewellery have a harmonious and complementary look and avoid overly busy or conflicting combinations.
The brooch should be cleaned and maintained according to the material it is made of. Some brooches can be cared for with jewellery cleaning solution or a slightly damp sponge, while others require specialised cleaning. It's important to avoid wearing or scratching the brooch, but also to check that the fastening system is secure.
Brooches with diamonds or other gemstones are statement jewellery that can complement your outfit for special or formal events. They have a strong visual impact and are a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Brooches with coloured stones such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds add colour and diversity to your jewellery collection and can be worn for less formal events. These brooches can be made from gold, silver or other precious metals, depending on your preference. Pearl brooches offer an elegant and sophisticated style and are ideal to complement formal or evening outfits. They are timeless and can easily be worn for any occasion. Brooches with minimalist designs, such as gold or silver, are versatile pieces that you can wear every day. They are ideal for adding a touch of style to casual outfits or to complete an office outfit. Vintage or historical design brooches suit a retro or vintage style and are perfect for adding a touch of originality and personality to your outfit. They can be made from different materials and can be found in antique or vintage jewellery shops.

Brooches - A Classic Accessory

Among the oldest accessories are brooches, whose history takes us back to the times of the Roman Empire when they had a much more practical role than today. Brooches were initially worn to secure garments such as cloaks and tunics. Later on, these pieces of jewellery found their way into the wardrobes of ladies, and an increasing number of designs began to emerge. Brooch-pendants, cameos, brooches with diamonds, pearl brooches, gold brooches with semi-precious stones, and even brooches suitable for evening gowns - all of these have further diversified the collections of jewellery for women, inspiring master jewelers to create true works of art. Today, gold brooches are statement pieces, conveying confidence, elegance, and refinement.

Tips for Wearing Brooches

Extremely versatile, brooches can be worn in countless ways. Unlike most jewellery for women, which are often limited to specific styles of wearing, brooches are not meant to be worn only on the chest, for example. Let your imagination guide you, and wear your favorite brooch in your own unique way. With a ribbon and a bit of courage, you can add it as a hair accessory or as a pendant on your necklace. Furthermore, you can restore the brooch to its original function: securing clothing items. Fasten a scarf or a shawl using this piece of jewellery or give an unusual shape to an oversized blouse or a longer skirt by pinning one edge of it creatively. Discover the brooch models in TEILOR's jewellery collections and add a special touch to your everyday outfits.