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Buttons are accessories for closing shirt sleeves. They are an alternative to buttons that are usually sewn onto shirt cuffs. The distinctive feature is that the buttons are separate, detachable accessories.
Make sure the cufflinks match the staples on your suit. Choose elegant and durable pieces like diamonds or black onyx. Also, gold and silver cufflinks go perfectly with elegant outfits.
Clean cufflinks with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dirt and dust, then store them in a leather cufflink box or compartmentalised box.
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Cufflinks: Practical and Elegant Jewellery

Among the most appreciated men's jewellery are 14K or 18K gold cufflinks or 925 silver cufflinks. Having a practical character, they are used as a refined way to fasten shirt cuffs, completing special outfits. TEILOR's collections feature a series of elegant cufflink models in black, silver, or gold, as well as numerous other men's jewellery pieces like bracelets, rings, and chains. Discover all of these in stores and online, where you can choose from a wide range of items. Find accessories that suit you and ideal gifts for your loved ones.

A Brief History of Cufflinks

It seems that the first cufflinks appeared in the 17th century as an elegant solution to fasten shirt cuffs, as men used pieces of leather or ribbons before them. Cufflinks quickly became preferred accessories to be worn at special events, becoming part of the personal jewellery collections of royal and aristocratic families' members. Over time, they became increasingly sophisticated, being made from metals and precious stones and having complex fastening systems.

Caring for Cufflinks

Whether they are made of silver or gold, cufflinks require periodic care. You can clean them with a special, gentle solution, lukewarm water, and a soft brush. Additionally, make sure to store cufflinks in a dry place, protected from exposure to air or sunlight, preferably in a special jewellery box.