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There are a variety of types of gold rings, including yellow gold rings, white gold rings, rose gold rings, eternity rings, gold diamond rings, pearl rings, gemstone rings and more.
The most popular gold ring designs are those with simple and elegant shapes such as banded rings (wedding band type), gold rings with diamonds, rings with gemstones, pearls, geometric shapes or abstract designs.
When choosing a ring, you need to consider your personal style and the other jewelry you wear, the right size, the quality of the materials, the special meaning or the available budget, and durability so you can wear it for a long time.
Ring size can be measured by using a set of ring gauges or by measuring the inside diameter of a ring that you normally wear. You can also measure around your finger with a thread and then compare the resulting measurement with standard ring size tables.
It all depends on the model of the ring ordered. If it has a simple pattern and is not inlaid with stones on the sides, it can easily be modified in the TEILOR workshop.
There are several ways to care for gold rings to preserve their appearance. You can start by using a jewellery cleaning solution or warm water and a soft brush to remove any accumulated dirt on gold jewellery. It's best to avoid wearing your gold rings while cleaning or using chemicals such as perfume or solutions containing chlorine. For situations when you are not wearing your gold ring, store it in a dry, dark place, such as a drawer or jewellery box, to avoid wear and tear from exposure to air or sunlight. Avoid wearing your gold ring during sports or strenuous physical activities which can lead to wear or deformation. In addition, check your gold rings for any flaws or wear and go to a jeweller to have them professionally repaired or cleaned if necessary.

Gold Rings: A Symbol of Elegance

Even though fashion is continually evolving and undergoing many changes, there are classic elements that remain constant, such as gold rings. TEILOR offers an impressive variety of types of gold rings, each with a contemporary design. Among these are the classic yellow gold rings, favored over many generations, as well as white gold rings, which bring brilliance and elegance, and rose gold rings, in a delicate and romantic hue. Additionally, you can also find various models of men's rings, made of 14k and 18k gold or titanium.

How to Choose the Right Gold Ring

Set a budget, then decide whether you want a simple design or one with precious stones. Rings without precious stones are suitable for those who appreciate simplicity and finesse, while diamond rings are suitable for a special occasion. Regardless of your choice, it's essential for the jewellery to represent you.

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All the gold rings in TEILOR's collection impress with their elegance, whether they are simple or more intricate designs. Explore the entire collection and choose the right ring for you.