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Suitable baby earrings should be made of safe and non-toxic materials such as gold. The right model should be lightweight and have a secure closing mechanism. In general, screw-on earrings are considered to be the safest for babies as they are more difficult to remove accidentally. It's best to avoid earrings with small or easily removable parts that could be swallowed by your baby.
Suitable baby earrings can be plain or with a design incorporating different gemstones or symbols. It is important to choose earrings that are suitable for baby's ears and that do not cause discomfort or irritation.
Among the most commonly used children earring closures are simple screws. The fastening is simple, the rod is attached to the back of the earrings, it is inserted into the earlobe and fastened with a so-called detachment fastener at the back also called a butterfly/dowel. Another type of earring fastening is the spring back closure. Earrings with this type of clasp are fastened using a hook that passes through the earlobe and then secures into a mechanical clip. Omega clip-on earrings can be worn whether the ears are pierced or not. They have a clip that firmly grips the earlobe and makes it impossible for the earring to fall out. The English clasp (at the back) has a simple operating mechanism: the movable part must be fixed in the specially designed space. This type of clasp is unobtrusive and almost unnoticeable because it sits hidden behind the earlobe. For children, the safest lock is the one with a protective screw.
Children's gold earrings require regular care to keep them in good condition. They should be wiped with a cleaning solution or warm water and a soft brush and we recommend avoiding contact with chemicals.

Gold Earrings for Kids: Timeless Jewellery

Kolczyki zawsze należały do najbardziej cenionych rodzajów biżuterii, nie tylko dla kobiet, ale także dla najmłodszych. Modele złotych kolczyków dla dzieci o próbie 14K i 18K, w formie wtyków, z diamentami lub prostymi, można nosić nawet na niemowlętach, ponieważ są wygodne i bezpieczne. Wybierając podarowanie pary kolczyków dla dzieci na specjalne okazje, oferujesz coś więcej niż tylko biżuterię: dostarczasz trwałej pamięci. W ciągu lat staną się one doskonałą okazją do wspomnień, przynosząc nostalgiczne uczucia i radość tym, którzy je otrzymają. Znajdź modele złotych kolczyków w żółtym, białym lub różowym złocie, okrągłe lub długie, z wzornictwem dla dzieci w sklepach TEILOR i online, na stronie Dodatkowo możesz zestawić je z różnymi innymi biżuteriami dziecięcymi, takimi jak złote bransoletki dla dzieci, złote naszyjniki dla dzieci lub złote zawieszki dla dzieci.

How to Store and Care for Gold Earrings for Girls

Children's gold earrings are versatile and durable gifts. To ensure that the little ones can wear them for a long time and that they bring joy over the years, there are a few simple steps to follow. First and foremost, the jewellery should be stored in special boxes, in a dry place, protected from sunlight or exposure to air. Also, it's a good practice to periodically check the earrings for any defects or signs of wear and tear and address them promptly. A visit to a jeweller for professional repairs and cleaning will ensure proper maintenance for greater durability.