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Wedding rings represent a promise of love or marriage between two people. They are most often worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and the two partners offer them to each other during the wedding.
The most suitable metals for wedding rings are gold, platinum and palladium. Gold is the most popular for wedding rings because of its durable characteristics and resistance to wear. Platinum is also a popular choice, being considered more durable than gold and having a minimalist look. Palladium, a rare and noble metal, is a more recent choice, being as durable as platinum and lighter than gold.
In Romania, but not only, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand, a tradition that originated in ancient Rome. At that time it was believed that on the ring finger there was a vein leading directly to the heart. "The 'Vena amoris' (vein of love), however, turned out to be a myth, but that hasn't stopped entire cultures from keeping up the custom.
First of all, it is important to discuss your preferences and budget with your partner. It's also important to consider the quality of the rings. Durability and resistance to wear and tear are important when it comes to jewellery worn every day, so it's important to opt for a durable, quality material such as gold or platinum. Choose a wedding ring design that is comfortable and easy to wear every day, so you won't feel discomfort or irritation. It's also important to check the warranty and return policy of your wedding rings in case any alterations or repairs are needed later.
Among the most popular designs are simple wedding rings made of gold or platinum, with a minimalist and elegant design. They are ideal for people who appreciate elegance and simplicity without wanting to stand out with overly busy accessories. Wedding rings with diamonds or other gemstones, such as those with diamonds or sapphires or rubies, are worn as a symbol of love or engagement and are a popular choice for couples who want a brighter, more charged piece of jewellery. Vintage or historical wedding rings, such as Art Deco or Victorian designs, offer a retro or vintage feel that may be suitable for couples who want to move away from more classic styles and add a touch of originality. Wedding rings with romantic symbols, such as those in the shape of a heart or with personalised engravings, are ideal for couples who want to express their love and devotion in a personalised and unusual way.
The cost of a wedding ring varies depending on the material, design and quality of the stones incorporated. Gold or platinum wedding rings with diamonds or other gemstones can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of Euros.
Yes. You can purchase your desired pair of wedding rings from any TEILOR retail outlet, offering gold in exchange.
To clean your gold wedding ring, you can use a special jewellery cleaning solution or warm water and a soft brush to remove accumulated dirt. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals, such as solutions containing chlorine or perfumes, which can affect the shine of the wedding ring and cause damage. Also, avoid wearing your wedding ring while cleaning or during strenuous physical activities, as these can cause wear or deformation of the jewellery. In addition, it is important to check your gold wedding ring regularly for any defects or wear and take it to a jeweller for repairs or professional cleaning if necessary.

Wedding Rings, a Symbol of Marriage

A pair of wedding rings represent more than just jewellery: they are a symbol of the union between two individuals through marriage. By wearing them, the two partners express their commitment and promise to be together throughout life. For this reason, their choice is an important moment for a couple.

How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

Before choosing the right wedding rings, it's essential to establish a budget. Additionally, it's important to select a ring design that represents both of you. Determine whether you want classic or modern wedding rings, simple or with diamonds. Moreover, the material from which they are made should also match the jewellery you usually wear.

Discover the Available Wedding Ring Models

At TEILOR stores, you can find wedding rings made of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, as well as eternity rings. Furthermore, you can opt for rings with diamonds or other precious stones, and to choose the right design, you can benefit from the assistance provided by our consultants. The choice of wedding rings should reflect your tastes and styles as faithfully as possible. Every time you look at these pieces of jewellery, the emotions associated with the wedding day or the proposal will return, reminding you of the commitment you made to each other.