The most popular types of jewellery for men are rings, bracelets, chains, watches and earrings.
Diamonds are a universal accessory that is not only chosen by women. There are a variety of options available for men, such as rings, bracelets, earrings or diamond watches, which can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. Diamonds are considered a symbol of abundance and success and therefore, some men choose to wear diamonds to express their status.
The most suitable materials for making jewellery worn by men are gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel and leather.
Jewellery made of precious metals, such as gold or platinum, and jewellery with diamonds or other precious stones are best suited to accessorise an outfit for a formal occasion.

Jewellery for Men - a Strong Trend Making a Comeback

Although in antiquity and the Middle Ages, men's jewellery enjoyed special attention among nobles and royal families, they later faded into obscurity for a good period of time. Only recently has their inclusion in men's wardrobes made a strong comeback. Today, alongside watches, which remain among the most appreciated accessories, gentlemen are increasingly choosing to wear jewellery made of gold or other precious metals, such as titanium. Among these, the most popular are rings, men's bracelets, chains, and cufflinks, all of which are available in TEILOR's collections.

Jewellery for Men at TEILOR

In TEILOR's stores, as well as online on the website, you can discover models of jewellery and other precious metals suitable for you and your loved ones. Find the perfect gift among these by exploring the collections of men's jewellery, as well as those for women or children.