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Children's bracelets can be simple or decorated with different precious or semi-precious stones or designs. As with rings, it's important to choose a suitable size and a secure fastening system that won't open accidentally.
To choose the right size for a children gold bracelet, it is recommended to measure the circumference of the wrist with a tape measure or a flexible band. It is important not to measure too tightly and to add between 1.5 and 2.5 centimetres to the measurement obtained to ensure a comfortable fit.
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Gold Bracelets for Kids from TEILOR

Among the most cherished types of jewellery for children often given on special occasions such as baptism, the first birthday, the 5th-anniversary celebration, the first day of school, and more, you'll find gold bracelets. Easy to wear, these are available in TEILOR stores and online at teilor.com in various designs. Whether you opt for a gold bracelet for kids or babies that integrates figurines and precious stones or choose a simple design, TEILOR's collection offers you a range of possibilities.

How to Choose a Gold Bracelet for Kids

Like with adult jewellery, children's bracelets can come in various forms. Whether you choose a gold bracelet for girls in white, yellow, or rose gold, with coin motifs or other figurines, make sure it's easy to wear and the right size. Also, it's recommended to choose a material color similar to other jewellery the child wears, such as earrings or a necklace. As for the clasp, it should have a simple and secure locking system. For a truly special gift, you can also combine the desired bracelet with other types of children's jewellery, such as gold earrings for kids, gold necklaces for kids, or gold pendants for kids. Explore TEILOR's collections and choose gifts that will bring joy.