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Most often, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are chosen for children's pendants. Also, semi-precious stones such as amethysts, topazes and tourmalines are frequently used in pendants for their variety of colours and shapes.

Pendants - Thematic Gifts for Kids

Many times, we choose to surprise the little ones with carefully selected jewellery that hold special meaning for them. Among these are gold pendants in white, rose, or yellow gold, adorned with diamonds and semi-precious stones, featuring themes inspired by the world of childhood. These designs can include figurines of animals, cars, flowers, or other motifs that will bring joy and many smiles.

How to Choose the Right Pendant for Kids

It's best to choose designs based on the interests of the kids. Both the gold pendants for girls and those for boys found in TEILOR's collections are of high quality, featuring creative designs and details inspired by the fascinating world of childhood. You can also consider other jewellery that the kids already have or wish for, such as gold earrings for kids, gold bracelets for kids, or gold necklaces for kids. This way, both the chosen pendants and the other pieces can match a certain theme or create a colorful set.