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The choice of gemstones for gold jewellery depends on personal preference and budget. Some of the most popular choices include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethysts.
You can wear gold jewellery combined with jewellery made of other metals, such as platinum or copper, but you have to be careful to combine them carefully to create a harmonious look. It's important to take into account features such as the colour, size and shape of the jewellery to avoid an overly busy or chaotic combination. In general, it's safer to combine similar metals, but you can experiment and try other mixes.
The difference between 14K, 18K and 24K gold is marked by the purity of the gold in each. Fourteen carat (14K) gold contains 14/24, or 58.5% pure gold, while 18 carat (18K) gold contains 18/24, or 75% pure gold. 24 carat (24k) gold is 100% pure gold. 14K and 18K gold jewellery is stronger and more durable than 24K gold because it has added alloys to strengthen it.
The difference between yellow gold, rose gold and white gold is the composition of the metals. Yellow gold is mainly composed of gold and copper, rose gold is composed of gold and palladium, and white gold is composed of gold and other metals such as silver or palladium. This difference in composition determines the final colour of the gold.
Other metals such as silver, copper or nickel can be added to gold to make it more resistant and to change its colour. These are called alloys.
To keep your gold jewellery in good condition, it's important to look after it properly. You can start by using a special cleaning solution or warm water and a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on your jewellery. It is recommended to avoid wearing gold jewellery while cleaning or using chemicals such as perfume or chlorine-containing solutions. When not wearing gold jewellery, store it in a dry, dark place, such as a drawer or jewellery box, to avoid wear and tear from exposure to air or sunlight. Avoid wearing gold jewellery during sports or strenuous physical activities which can lead to wear or deformation. In addition, check them periodically for any flaws or wear and, if necessary, go to a jeweller to have them professionally repaired or cleaned.

Gold jewellery – elegant accessories

Gold jewellery are elegant accessories that successfully complement any outfit. Whether you opt for white gold, yellow, or pink, they will be a long-term investment, as gold is known for its durability. TEILOR collections include minimalist jewellery as well as statement pieces.