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The Tennis Bracelet is recognised by the way the diamonds or other gemstones are set in a line across the entire surface of the jewellery. Its name comes from the popularity it has enjoyed on the tennis court, being worn during play by many famous players.
Tennis bracelets can be made of different materials, such as gold, silver or platinum. They can also incorporate diamonds or other precious stones.
Tennis bracelets are suitable for both women and men. There are various designs and styles for both genders.
The most popular Tennis bracelet designs are those with diamonds integrated around the entire bracelet, evenly distributed or in a line shape. There are also designs made up of diamonds and other precious or semi-precious stones.
Tennis bracelets can only be worn all the time if they are gold or platinum and have diamonds or other quality gemstones. The reason? They are considered more durable and more resistant than other metals or stones. It's important to avoid wearing your tennis bracelet when doing activities that could damage or scratch your jewellery, such as hard work or sports. It is advisable to clean it regularly and check that the clasp is secure.

Tennis Bracelet: A Timeless Jewellery Piece

When we think of jewellery, tennis bracelets hold a special place due to their unique design. They are suitable for any occasion and elegantly complement every outfit. Whether you choose a yellow gold tennis bracelet with its warm tone or a modern and brilliantly shining white gold tennis bracelet, this piece of jewellery will not go unnoticed.

Gold Tennis Bracelet – Selection Criteria

Depending on the design, there are several models of tennis bracelets that you can pair with a suitable necklace. You can opt for a diamond tennis bracelet or other precious stones, which will add color and brilliance. At the same time, it is recommended that the material of the bracelet (yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold) be similar to the one in the jewellery you wear it with.

Explore TEILOR's Collection of Tennis Bracelets

TEILOR's collections include gold tennis bracelets, each with a unique and refined design. Explore the entire collection and choose the model that resonates with you the most. Additionally, pay special attention to the care of this jewellery piece. Store it in a special jewellery box and clean it periodically with a soft cloth and a delicate substance.