Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & delivery
Delivery. How is made?
The delivery process is going through Cargus services.
Which is the estimated delivery time?
If the product is available in our stock, the delivery is going to be processed in 3 working days.
Which are the areas with free delivering?
The delivery it's free for all destinations.
Do you perform deliveries abroad?
For the moment we do not deliver abroad Romania.
In case of returning a product, who will pay for the transport?
In case of returning a product, the cost will be charged on behalf of the client.
In case of changing a product, who will pay for the transport?
In case of change/modification measure of a product, shipping charges will be on behalf of the customer.
Online order
Why can’t I order wedding bands online?

Acquisition of wedding band requires knowledge of their exact measurements and determine all details

of design (width scaling mode and type of stones). Each pair of rings is unique, custom-made to meet

customer requirements and can not be returned. Therefore, we invite you in any of our shops to sample

and customize your desire desired wedding bands.

The jewels from the sets can be ordered individually?
The sets can not be decomposed.
How to order a product online?

If you experience difficulty in achieving an online order, please visit the “How to order” section and

follow the steps on the page.

What will happen if i manage to order a product that has became in the meantime unavailable?
In this case you will be contacted by a Teilor representative, by thelefone or email, that will inform you regarding the unavailability of the product. The Teilor representative will offer you alternatives to the product you are looking for.
Which are the accepted payment methods?
Payment can be made online via MobilPay service payments, or cash upon receiving the package.
Price includes packaging for gift?
All products are carefully packed in boxes & personalized Teilor bags before being sent to the client.
The products have certificate of authenticity and warranty?

Teilor provides certified warranty on all jewelry, which is marked with the alloy title and gemstone carat

mark indicating the mount.

How can I find more information about the product?

If you want to know more about a product, you can contact us directly at the phone number

0720028217 or leave us a message in the “Contact” section.

The warranty for my order?

Teilor gives 90 days warranty for diamond jewelry and 30 days for wedding bands and other gold


The warranty does not include defects caused by bumps, inappropriate wearing or tampering.
Can I change a product?

If the product does not meet your desires, you can request to change it with another jewel available

in our stock. Contact us directly at the phone number 0720028217 to find out how you can make the


If the measure of the ordered ring is not suitable, it can be changed?

It depends on the ordered model. If it is a simple model and it is not inlaid or full circle with stone sides

can be easily adjust in Teilor workshop.

How do I return a product?
If the product does not match your requirements, you can return it within 30 days.
What jewelry can be engraved?
In order to be engraved a jewel should have a width of 3mm and enough space to write the message.
Can I buy gold jewelry online with giving gold in exchange?
No, but you can buy gold jewelry with gold exchange in every Teilor store.
Can I find the same jewelry designs in every Teilor store?

In our stores you will find an extremely wide range of jewelry, including accessories shown also on the

website. To find out where in our stores you can find your favorite jewelry, contact us at the phone

number 0720028217.

Can I order a custom made jewelry?
We do not deliver custom made jewelry, however we can offer an extremely wide range of accessories.
Wedding bands
How can I buy a pair of wedding rings?

If you want to buy a pair of wedding bands, we invite you in any of the Teilor stores to determine all

details of the acquisition (extent, width, color and type of stones inlaid).

How long does it take to receive my wedding bands?
Depending on the model, the production process takes between 3 and 4 weeks.
The wedding bands models listed on the website can be modified?
Yes, most of the models featured on the website can be customized to your requirements.
Can I return a pair of wedding bands?

No. The wedding bands are made after a specific order and tailored to your desires. For this reason, they

can not be returned.

The measure of the wedding bands can be modified?
If the model allows, we will modify it in our workshop.
Can I choose the type of stones set up in the wedding bands?
Yes, you can choose the type of the set stones (crystals or diamonds) and their number.
What message can be engraved on the inside of the wedding bands?

If you want to engrave the symbol of your love on the wedding bands, Teilor offers a range of engraving

services. The text must fit into a fixed number of characters, since space is limited.

Can I buy wedding bands by giving gold in exchange?
Yes, this action it’s possible in every Teilor store.
How to pay for a wedding bands order?

When purchasing a pair of wedding bands from either Teilor store, an advance payment is needed of

about 30% of their total value at the time of order, while the remaining amount it will be paid in the

moment of receiving the products.

The wedding bands come with a certificate of authenticity and warranty?

Teilor provides 30 days certified warranty on all jewelry and annual maintenance for all the wedding


Diamonds and other precious stones
If the price displayed is in euro, can I make the payment in lei?
Yes, the payment can be done in lei accordingly to the official exchange rate on the day of ordering.
Do I receive a certificate for diamonds or other precious stones?

All jewelry with precious stones are accompanied by certificates attesting the quality and guarantee

their authenticity.

What are the payment methods available?

Payment can be made online by credit card through MobilPay service or cash at the time of receiving the


Prices shown on the website are final?
Yes, the prices displayed on the website are final.
In case of returning a Teilor product bought online, the amount paid for the product it will be refunded?

In case of returning a product bought online, the amount paid for the jewel will be transferred to your account after receiving and

evaluation of the returned product.

Free & Secure Shipping

Free & Secure Shipping

Teilor offers you free and fast delivery for your online acquisitions.Your jewellery products will arrive safely to their destionation.

Free Gift Packaging

Free Gift Packaging

The secret of the most beautiful gold jewellery stands in details. All Teilor jewellery pieces are wrapped in gift boxes and Teilor paper bags before being shipped.

Certified Jewels

Certified Jewels

Teilor offers certificates for all jewellery pieces, which guarantee the quality of the metal and precious stones.

14-Day Easy Return

14-Day Easy Return

In case the jewell you bought online does not comply with your desires, you can easily return it in 14 days.

Secure Payment Methods

Secure Payment Methods

You can pay on delivery, through a bank transfer or through CARD AVANTAJ. The payment on delivery is made directly to the courier. The online payment by card can be safely made through the MobilPay platform.

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