Frequently asked questions


How can I find out more information about a product?

If you would like to know more about any of the products, call us directly at +40 736 555 999 or leave a message at

Do the products have warranty certificates?

TEILOR offers warranty certificates for all its jewellery. All TEILOR jewellery possess a specific marking containing information about its manufacture such as metal alloy & stones carat.

Do I receive a warranty for the diamonds or other precious stones my TEILOR piece contains?

All TEILOR jewellery set with precious stones come with a warranty certificate attesting their quality and authenticity.

If the size of the ring I bought is not right, can I modify it?

It all depends of the model in question. If the model does not have set stones on its sides, it can easily be modified in a TEILOR workshop.

Which jewellery can be engraved?

In order to be engraved, the jewellery requires a width of 3mm and enough space for the desired message.

Will I find the same jewellery in different TEIlOR locations?

At TEILOR you will find a variety of jewellery, including accessories displayed on our website. In order to find out in which of our locations you can find your desired piece, please contact us. Click here to review all our shops.

Do you craft jewellery on demand?

We do not manufacture personalized designs on demand, however, we do offer a very generous variety of accessories.

Wedding rings

Can the wedding ring models presented on the website be modified?

Yes, most of the models presented on the website can be customized according to your requirements.

Can I return a pair of wedding rings?

Due to the fact that our wedding rings will be tailored to your specifications, the wedding rings cannot be returned.

Custom made wedding rings are non-returnable.

Can the measurement of the wedding rings be adjusted after completion?

If the design allows it, the measure can be modified in a TEILOR workshop.

What message can be engraved on the inner circle of the wedding rings?

If you wish to wear the motto of your love story on the wedding ring, TEILOR puts at your disposal a large variety of engraving options. However, the characters of your massage will be limited in order to fit in the limited space provided by the ring.

Can I buy wedding rings with gold?

Yes, you can exchange gold at any TEILOR location for the desired wedding rings.

Do the wedding rings come with a certificate of warranty?

The wedding rings are delivered together with the warranty which certifies their authenticity.


What happens if I succeed to order products which become unavailable in the process?

In this scenario, you will be contacted by a TEILOR representative, via phone or email, which will inform you that the desired products are no longer available. The representative will then try to present you with the best alternatives available in the same price range.

Can I buy TEILOR jewellery with gold instead of currency online?

No, however this option is available at any of TEILOR physical shops.

Payment & delivery

Which are the accepted ways of payment?

Payment can be made via online credit card or cash on delivery of the package.

For additional information, please check out the payment methods section.

Is packaging and gift wrapping of the purchased jewellery included in the price?

TEILOR offers free wrapping and personalized gift bags before sending the purchased goods to the receiver.

Can you receive additional discount with your discount TEILOR Club card?

Your TEILOR Club card discount and advantages will apply to all your online orders.

How much does shipping cost?

Orders placed on our website benefit of free shipping.

How will my product be delivered?

All the online acquired goods will be shipped through DHL.

What is the estimated arrival time of the product you ordered?

If the product is in stock, the arrival time is within 3 to 5 days since the order.

Return or exchange policy of TEILOR’s products

Can I exchange a product?

If the received product doesn’t not comply to your expectations, you can opt for an exchange with any other product in our stock. The exchange is only possible in maximum 30 days from the purchase. Please contact us directly at for additional information regarding this process.

If I opt for an exchange of my product, who will support the transport fees?

In case of exchange or measurement modification requested, the transport fees will be supported by the costumer.

Can I return a TEILOR product that I bought online?

If the purchased product does not meet your needs, you can return it in the 14 days from the date of purchase.

If I chose to return a product, who will support the transport fees?

All online orders benefit from free return shipping only if the request is made from my account or in writing at

If I return a product acquired online, how will I get my money back?

If you return a product that you bought online, the refund will be transferred into your bank account, after we evaluate the returned product. Please be advised that only the products purchased online can be returned.